Making a Garlic-Based Insect Repellent for the Garden

What You'll Need
Mineral Oil
Measuring Equipment
Liquid or insecticide soap
Glass Jar
Plant Sprayer
Mixing Bowl
Cutting board

Making your own garlic based insect repellent is a good way to ensure an organic mixture that will be kind to your plants. One of the most basic ways to do this is to grow garlic next to your plants. For some, this does not add to the attractiveness of the garden. A homemade yet effective garlic based repellent is one solution to this conundrum. 

Step One- Garlic

Finely mince 3 ounces of garlic and place it in 2 tablespoons of mineral oil. Let the mixture sit for 24 hours. The garlic should be as finely chopped as you can make it. This will help in the releasing of chemicals.

Step Two- Soap

After, or slightly before, the 24 hours are up; you need to begin working on the next step. Place ¼ ounce of liquid or insecticide soap into 1 pint of water. Mix them together and let the soap dissolve. Slowly add this mixture to the garlic and mineral oil. If you are making an all natural insecticide, be sure that you carefully read the label. You do not want to add extra chemicals to your garden.

Step Three- Storage

Mix the two liquids together. Place a strainer with small holes over the glass jar. If the mouth of the jar is too small to use the strainer, you can stain the mixture into a smaller bowl or use a funnel. Slowly pour the repellent into the jar. Seal the jar and put it away until you need to use the insect repellent.

Step Four- Use

When it is time for you to use the spray, take it from storage. Mix one to two tablespoons of the repellent into a pint of water. You will need to experiment with the amounts until you find the perfect concentration for your garden. Place the diluted repellent into a hand-held sprayer. Spray a light layer of the mixture onto the plants. Before you spray the whole garden, test the spray in a small area. If the concentration works, you may want to dilute it. This lower potency, while working will help you conserve the repellent. However, if the repellent does not work, you will need to increase the concentration. Be sure to note which concentration works best. This will take the guess work out of any future endeavors.

This repellent can be used throughout your garden, it is easy to make and is chemical free. It can also be modified to work on humans, simply mix one part garlic juice with five parts of water. Spray the mixture onto your body before going outdoors.