Making a Glass Minnow Trap

What You'll Need
Glass jar
Glass bottle
Glass cutter
Copper wire
Wire cutters

Being able to make a minnow trap can be useful skill to have, allowing you to easily replace one that has broken during a fishing trip. With a few household items, you will find it possible to make a replacement to rival any that you can purchase.

Step 1 – Fit Funnel

The first step is to fit the bottle upside down into the mouth of the jar as far as it will go, allowing you to create the funnel of the minnow trap. Score a line around the point where the mouth of the jar meets the neck of the bottle.

Step 2 – Cut

Remove the bottle and carefully cut along the scored line with a glass cutter to separate the two pieces.

Step 3 – Assemble

Wind three separate lengths of copper wire around the mouth of the jar, leaving an end free to secure the funnel. Hook the free end and thread this through the neck of the bottle to secure it in place. The wire can be removed when necessary to gain access to the minnow trap. You will then be in a position to insert the bait before use.