Making a Hammock out of a Blanket


The art of making a hammock is quite simple and only requires some old blankets and rope. In this article we will demonstrate how to make a hammock out of a blanket.

Why Blankets?

Blanket hammocks are incredibly useful and can be made from old or left-over materials. They can provide a perfect choice for your camping, hiking or backpacking trips as they can be put up and taken down quickly and require little space. The material is lightweight, making them the ideal choice for a quick and easy place to sleep. They can be erected in minutes and taken down in even less time.

Using Traditional Skills

A great idea is to follow the tradition of the Mexican Indians and gather the material at the ends. Tie a large knot. If your blanket is small, you can gather as much as 1/4 inch away from the edge. Your knot will be much smaller but you will have more blanket length. Repeat this process on the other side of the blanket. Having a small knot will not make the hammock any less secure as long as the knot is made correctly. Slip knots are ideal for this type of construction.

Rope and Knots

Take a length of rope and double it over. Next, tie a slip knot just below where the knot in the blanket lies. Place the loop of the slip not on the ground and then place the blanket knot above it. Take the blanket knot and put it through the slip knot in the rope.

Once the blanket knot is through, pull the rope tight. Find another piece of rope and repeat the same process on the other side of the blanket. Be sure the blanket knot is through the slip knot and it is pulled securely and tightly.

Tie the Hammock

Take your newly formed blanket hammock and tie it where it will hang. Trees, beams or branches are all possibilities. Having a good length of rope is a good idea in case your trees or beams seem to be a fair distance apart. Test the strength of the hammock by tugging it vigorously on all sides before climbing in and relaxing!

Fan it

By taking sticks and placing them at each end of the blanket, you will produce a slight fanning effect in your hammock. This will widen the space if you simply want to lay, relax and read. Removing the sticks will produce a cocoon effect. This is effective while sleeping as it will help your body retain warmth and is perfect for those nights out under the stars where the air temperature may be a bit nippy.

To make a hammock for a child, simply gather the ends toward the center of the blanket before knotting. This will make the blanket hammock shorter to accommodate their size. These procedures are ideal for an indoor hammock as well as outside hammocks.