Making a Hammock Stand with PVC

What You'll Need
2 x 6 foot pieces of 3 inch PVC pipe
PVC glue
4 x T-connectors
2 x 4 foot pieces of 3 inch PVC pipe
4 x 5 foot pieces of 3 inch PVC pipe
4 x 6 inch pieces of 3 inch PVC pipe
2 x 45 degree to 45 degree connectors
4 x 90 degree to 45 degree connectors
Half inch drill bit
2 x half inch hooks

A Hammock makes a wonderfully relaxing addition to a garden during warm weather. However, very few climates support this weather for more than a few months of the year. Even summer months still see rain and thunderstorms which can minimize hammock usage. A PVC hammock stand can alleviate this problem. 


Step One - Glue the Connectors

First, take your glue, the T-connectors and the 6 foot pieces of PVC pipe. Attach and glue the connectors to the ends of the pipe. Press and hold until the glue has set well. This should take around 90 seconds to 2 minutes. This will leave you with two 6 foot pieces with a T-connector at either end. 

Step Two - Glue the Pipes

Next, take the glue and the two 4 foot pieces of PVC pipe. Glue the ends to the downwards section of the T-connectors and link the first four pieces together. If this is done correctly, you will have a rectangular shape. This will form the bottom of your stand. 

Step Three – Angle Connectors

Take the 6 inch pieces of piping and glue them to the other end on the T connectors. Once attached, glue and hold in place.  Once this stage is complete, take the 90 to 45 degree connectors and place them on the ends of the 6 inch piping that have not been attached. DO NOT GLUE THEM!! For now, just give the connectors a half turn to hold them in place. 

Step Four – Make a ‘V’

For the next step, use the 5 foot piping. Take the 5 foot pieces of pipe and place them into the half turned ends. If you have done this correctly you will have an inverted V shape. 

Step Five-Degrees again

Take the 45 to 45 degree connectors and join the 5 foot pieces of piping together. There may be some twisting and turning required until everything fits into place perfectly. Once everything is in place and the shape is how it should be, disconnect the half turned pieces and glue them into place. 

Step Six – Hooked!

Install the hammock hooks. With a drill, create a hole on both sides and insert the hooks into the holes. If the hooks are threaded, use a smaller size drill piece and screw them into the resulting hole. Alternatively, hooks can be bolted into place. Be sure to use a washer to reduce stress on the PVC piping. 

Step Seven - Hammock

Take the hammock and attach it accordingly. Once on the hooks, add a progressive amount of heavy objects to the hammock to weight test the frame. Do not climb in to the hammock until you are certain that it will bear your weight. 

Metal tubing can also be used for this project, although a certain amount of fabrication may be needed before the frame can be assembled.