Making A Metal Picnic Table

What You'll Need
Lengths of 1-5/8-inch metal tubing
Metal fasteners
15 square feet of aluminum sheet metal
Metal saw
Pipe Bender
Protective Gear

Make dining outside more fun by eating at your homemade picnic table. A standard outdoor table and chairs can add up to several hundred dollars, but it is easy and inexpensive to build your own picnic table.

This kind of table can be made of wood, metal or plastic. Wood ones are the most common, but can be costly to build, and they are very heavy. Plastic picnic tables are already pre-assembled and can be expensive to buy. A metal picnic table is weather-resistant, lightweight and inexpensive alternative to the others.

Step One

Make the legs of the picnic table by cutting off 4 pieces of metal pipe to the appropriate lengths. Use the pipe bender to shape each leg into a Z-shape, with the bottom portion of the Z longer than the top.

Bend the long portion of the Z frame back towards the middle, so that it sits flat. This will be the frame for the seat posts.

Situate the Z frames on the corners so that they face each other. Where they meet, drill a hole and secure them with bolts, washers and nuts. You can weld the area for additional support if you are experienced at welding. If not, enlist the help of a friend.

Step Two

Cut the aluminum sheet metal so that it is 9 feet long by 5 feet wide. Cut in from the corners approximately 1 inch, and then bend the edges down to make the edging of your table top.

Cut two more pieces about 9 feet long and 2 feet wide to make the benches. Fold in the edges the same as you did with the table top. Use a welder on all corners to complete.

Step Three

Place the sheet metal top onto the frame. Drill holes into the top of each frame piece and line up with holes drilled into the table top. You should have 8 holes when you are finished. Attach the table top to the frame by using metal bolts, nuts and washers.

Build the benches in the same way. Drill two holes for each leg post and attach with bolts to secure the bench to the posts.

Step Four

Sand down the entire surface of the picnic table. You will not have to spend a lot of time on the flat surfaces, but the edges can contain metal burs that will have to sanded over. You should also sand over any corners to make sure they are not sharp.

Apply a coat of paint to the picnic table and set out on your lawn. If you need to take it apart for the season, simply unbolt the top and seat posts and store away in your garage or shed until the next season.