Making a Natural Bug Repellent for Fruit Trees

A bug repellent will help keep harmful pests away. There are several recipes for making your own, natural bug repellent. Some of these are garlic based repellents, essential oil based repellents and alcohol sprays.

Garlic Based Repellents

Garlic has been used to ward off bugs for centuries. The smell seems to repulse them and they leave the area alone. These repellents can be made in your kitchen, stored in your cupboard and diluted when you decide to use them.

Essential Oil

Essential oils are distilled and concentrated natural oils that are found in plants. These highly concentrated oils need to be distilled before use. You will want to vary the type of oil you use depending on the bugs you wish to keep away. Different oils work for different bugs.

Alcohol Sprays

These sprays are made with rubbing alcohol and deter many different insects. Alcohol can cause damage to apple trees, so test the spray in a small area before you spray all of your trees.

There are several other types of repellents, choose the best for you and your orchard.