Making A Router Jig

What You'll Need
Screw gun
Gouging bit

A router jig is something you use in conjunction with a router. Basically, it provides a guide or template for the router and can help with repetitive motions and making duplicate items. It's a good idea to make a jig before starting a project if you plan on making more than one of the same thing. These devices are made from wood and very easy to put together. They are mostly used for woodworking to make cuts and designs with the router much easier to do.

Step 1: Putting it Together

Take a piece of lumber that measures 2-by-4-by-16 inches, lay it out on the work surface, and then take a 1x3x36-inch piece of lumber and lay it down horizontally across the first piece. Only leave 6 inches of overlap on one end.  

Make sure the second piece of lumber overlaps the 2x4 at the center point. To ensure it crosses over at a 90-degree angle, use a carpenter square.  

To hold the 1x3 off the floor, use a piece of scrap wood under the opposite end. Use four wood screws to attach two wood pieces together at the crossover.  

Place a ¼-inch gouging bit into the router. Make a groove on each side of the 1x3.  

Step 2: Use the Jig

Line up the jig groove line alongside the router with a line on the panel you want to groove. Then make a groove on the panel by using the groove line on the jig to guide you. Rest the router against the guide rail as you go along.  


The router jig in this article is designed for cutting grooves in panels. Keep in mind that there are other types of router jigs for different purposes. You can also use this jig as a basic template for making other types of jigs.  

Remember to wear goggles and a mask when you work with this type of device or any other woodworking tool. This is to prevent the inhalation of dust and debris.   

Woodworking with router jigs is a good way to help with woodworking projects and get the designs you want each and every time. This device is perfect for creating original designs and doing repetitive tasks over and over. The great thing about a router jig is that it can be used to make a wide range of different wood items.

Once you have a basic router jig ready to go, it can be changed slightly to work for different types of woodworking projects. It is a flexible device that is definitely a necessary tool to have in a woodworking shop or in your garage. Luckily, it doesn't take very long to make a router jig, and building it is very easy to do. You simply need a few pieces of wood and you're good to go.

When you use a router jig to make grooves in panels, the job becomes much easier to accomplish.