Making a Small Jewelry Organizer for Your Daughter

If your daughter is like most girls, she needs a jewelry organizer for her room. Most likely she has jewelry scattered all over her dresser top, all over here room and tangled in drawers. This makes it impossible to find. There are a few jewelry organizers you can make for your daughter.

You Will Need

  • Picture frame
  • Piece of window screen
  • Faux jewels
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Spray paint
  • Small box used for spools of thread
  • Kitchen drawer organizer
  • Belt holder

Step 1: Pierced Earring Hanger

If your daughter has pierced ears she may have a lot of trouble keeping pairs together and spends a lot of time searching through her jewelry trying to find what she's looking for. A pierced earring holder can easily be made from an easel-type picture frame.

First, remove the glass and use it for a pattern to cut the window screen to fit. Apply a bead of glue in the channel where the glass normally lays, all the way around the frame. Push the screen into the glue and lay it aside until it is totally dry. Once the glue is dry you can spray paint the entire piece a color to match her room or her favorite color. You can also decorate the holder with ribbons, faux jewels or any other way that suits you.

Push the post of the earring through the screen and put the back of the earring onto the post from the back of the screen.

Step 2: Small Jewelry Holder

Purchase a small lidded box from your local craft shop. Get the kind that spools of embroidery floss are kept in as they have small compartments. You can purchase a color and use it as is or you can use spray paint to paint it her favorite color. Let her decorate the top with pictures, jewels, ribbons, buttons or maybe seashells to make it individual. You could also put her name on it using glue and glitter.

Step 3: Jewelry Holder for Larger Pieces

If your daughter has larger pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, chains and watches, she will need larger compartments. Purchase a drawer divider like is used in the kitchen to organize your silverware. These can be found in many colors or you can spray paint it a color that she likes. Put the divider into her drawer and let her organize her jewelry.

Step 4: Long Necklace Holder

Many girls like long necklaces and beads. These can be used as a decorative object in her room by hanging them someplace where they can be seen. Purchase a belt hanger from a local discount store. These hangers are a piece of wood with pegs or metal hangers sticking from it. You can use it just as you purchase it or paint it and decorate it to suit her room. If you can't find a belt holder, buy a pants or slacks holder that are for closet use and loop the beads and necklaces over the wires. Hang it in view so her choices are easy to make and it is more likely she will keep them neat and tidy.