Making a Small Pot Rack for Small Kitchens Making a Small Pot Rack for Small Kitchens

Trying to find storage for your pots when you have a small space can be daunting unless you have a small pot rack. You can buy all sorts of pot racks but making a small pot rack will make better use of small space. The article that follows will help provide some tips and ideas on making your own small pot rack.

Always Measure

Never build a small pot rack by just assuming sizes. It is always best to take out a measuring tape and get accurate heights and widths. This will ensure that your small pot rack will fit.

Recycling Something Old

A small pot rack can be anything you need it to be as long as it will hold your pots. A small bookcase with the back removed can make an excellent small pot rack.


A small diameter hanging pot rack is a good solution. They hang from the ceiling and your pots are suspended with hooks.

Hanging Wall Rack

This is the easiest small pot rack to make. Purchase a 1/8-inch thick rounded square grating covered with plastic coating. Choose a size that works for you. Install screw hooks into wall studs and rest the grate on them then hang your pots with S-hooks.

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