Making A Window Seat More Comfortable

Three large windows with bench seating
  • 2-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-100

Window seats come in all shapes and sizes, but having one is pointless if the cushion is too uncomfortable to enjoy. Making your window seat cushion more comfortable is a simple task that won't take much more than a few hours to complete.

If you haven't already purchased a window seat cushion, you can choose from a large selection at most home retail stores. Take measurements of your window seat to be sure you buy a cushion that will fit perfectly.

Step 1 - Insert the Window Seat Cushion Fabric

Once you have your new or used cushion, it's time to buy cushion fabric. Typically, cushion fabric is white and will need to be layered multiple times to give your cushion a boost. Measure and cut the cushion fabric to fit the window seat cushion length-ways. Cut along the seam of the cushion then insert the cushion fabric on top of the existing cushion materials.

Step 2 - Sew Together the Window Seat Cushion Cover

The tricky part of this project is sewing together the cut made to the cushion cover. Hand-sewing the cover is the easiest way to stitch the cushion together, but may be an eyesore if done poorly. In this case, keep the stitch side toward the wall, hiding it from plain sight. Alternatively, if it's possible to remove the entire cushion cover, then flip it inside out and sew in a zipper along the side you've cut. This way your cushion repair will look more professional while giving you the options of easily adding or removing more cushion material to your window seat in the future.

Making your window seat more comfortable saves you from constantly replacing your seat cushions. If you're not comfortable sewing, contact a seamstress or furniture reupholster store for assistance.