Making an Air Conditioner Colder

A window AC system.
What You'll Need
Ice cubes
Water hose
Spray nozzle
Fin comb

An air conditioner that is not properly working will not produce the correct cooling power. This could be because of the age of the unit or the fact that it is due for servicing or cleaning. To make an air conditioner colder, perform some basic maintenance steps, as outlined below in this article. If the air conditioner has been serviced recently and the problem persists, simply placing a bowl of ice cubes and water next to the blower may be enough to make the air conditioner colder.

Step 1 - Place a Bowl of Ice Cubes Next to Air Conditioner

Take a bowl of water and fill it with ice cubes. Place the bowl near the air conditioner blower and turn the air conditioning unit on, allowing it to run for a period of time. The blower should mix with the cold from the ice bowl and produce a colder airflow.

Step 2 - Remove the Air Conditioner from the Window

If the ice cubes fail to make a noticeable difference, remove the wall unit and place it on a hard surface. Remove the cover from the front of the air conditioner and place it to the side.

Step 3 - Clean the Drain Tray

Place bleach in the drain tray where debris and dirt accumulates and allow it to set for up to 10 minutes. Rinse the tray with a water hose and spray nozzle, applying medium pressure. Let the drain tray dry and wipe clean, using a rag or cloth.

Step 4 - Check the Fins

The fins are the soft aluminum vents that control airflow. Check to make sure that the fins are not bent or damaged. A fin comb can be used to straighten any bent fin combs and improve the airflow of the air conditioner.

Step 5 - Place the Cover Back on and Test the Air Conditioner

Place the housing cover back on the air conditioner and put the unit back into the window. Plug it into an outlet and run a test to determine if the air quality has improved.