Making an Aquarium Stand Out of Reappropriated Material

An aquarium stand is something that can be as basic or as elaborate as you want. Many times people will choose to purchase a stand for their aquarium so they can place it in different areas of the room. However, with some simple pieces of furniture you can have a grand looking aquarium stand that fits your character, or room decoration. Reappropriating old materials can lead to a great looking aquarium stand and can also save you plenty of money.

Reusing Old Materials for Greener Home

One of the ways that many people can save money and keep old furniture out of the landfill is through reappropriating it for other uses. A creative way to use old desks, or other type of low dressers, is to use them as a vanity in the bathroom. Another great way to reuse old materials, and old furniture, is by setting it up as an aquarium stand. 

Different Sizes for Different Aquariums

Aquariums are available in many different sizes. There are small single fish tanks to large built-in aquariums. However, most people typically have the 10 to 20 gallon aquarium. These aquariums need to have a stable surface in order to hold their weight when full of water. An old piece of furniture makes the perfect aquarium stand because they are strong and sturdy. 

What Types of Furniture Can Be Used?

When it comes to repurposing a piece of furniture for an aquarium stand just about anything goes. As long as it is in good condition it will make a great stand. Dressers, desks, coffee tables, makeup stands, bookshelves, TV stands, microwave carts, and even an old cart can be used for an aquarium stand. 

What Should Be Done to Furniture?

Before you set a heavy aquarium onto a reappropriated piece of furniture you will want to make sure it can handle the weight. Inspect the furniture for any type of defects to the legs or body. You may also need to reinforce the legs or corners of a table to make sure that it can support the 50 to 100 pounds of a large aquarium. Before using the repurposed furniture you can also sand it down and paint it to match a room, or add color to the aquarium. 

What to Consider before Using for Aquarium Stand

Before you grab that old coffee table and set the aquarium on top of it you will want to think about some considerations. Look at the size of the furniture. Is it going to be high enough so children, and pets, cannot get into the aquarium? Look at the overall bulk of the furniture. Is it going to fit in the room where you want the aquarium? Check to make sure that the material will not quickly fall apart under the pressure of the tank. Is the furniture made out of particle board or real wood? 

Be Creative and Have Fun

Once you have determined the actual material, or furniture, that you are going to reapporpriate for use as an aquarium stand, then have fun with it. There are no hard rules about what a stand needs. As long as it fits, is high enough, and blends in with the surrounding decor, you have a great stand.