Making Art Out of Plastic Tubing

If you asked a hundred people to give their definition of art, they would all answer in a different way; so why not make some great art using plastic tubing. Here you can find some tips that will help you in creating works of art that will appeal to more people that you may think possible:

Plastic Tubing

You can find various types of plastic tubing that come in a range of sizes and thicknesses. The length doesn’t really come into play as you can cut and reshape the tubing as suits your art. Colors aren’t that important either when deciding which tubing to buy, as these can be easily painted over to the desired color using water-based paints or a can of spray paint. It is best to work on a solid base of wood or plastic, which you can then fix to the wall like you would a frame. This way the art is more versatile as it can be moved more freely, and it is also easier to work on as it would be on a flat horizontal surface, rather than a vertical wall.

Wall Art

When thinking of creating wall art using any type of material, it is always important to keep in mind the size of the room that you are going to be working with, and more importantly, the size of the wall and how big the art needs to be. This will avoid having your art overpowering and outshine the rest of the room. Once you have settled on dimensions, start sketching some designs. This might be a short or a lengthy process, depending on your muse at the time. 

Free Standing Art

This type of art is one that will stand in the middle of the room groping all the attention it can get. Often used in offices or waiting rooms to attract peoples’ attention away from the fact that they are waiting to be served. Ideally, you should use thicker pipes when creating free standing plastic tubing art. Also make sure that the tubing is well-secured to a solid base using screws as well as glue for a stronger hold.  Free standing art can be moved around more freely, always space permitting.

Specific Shapes

You can make any shape using plastic tubing as long as you are gifted with the virtue of patience. Like anything else, art takes a lot of patience and trial and error. Picking the right shape that your final piece of art will take, may be the most lengthy process, but once that is settled, the rest will all fall into place. Don’t fuss and fret over everything, and over-think each step too much as this will take away from the spontaneity of your creation.

Art may have the misconception of always being expensive, but who said that it cannot also be made to fit into a budget? Be creative in every way you can, even in trying to spend less money every day by being enthusiastic and open to making things yourself. In the end, the things will be more satisfying and better appreciated.