Making Copper Pot Racks with Copper Nails Making Copper Pot Racks with Copper Nails

What You'll Need
Copper Pot Rack Kit
Copper nails

Copper pots racks do not just make it easier to select a pan for cooking, but they create space in the kitchen and are decorative, too. They are an economical way of organizing kitchen areas and keeping them neat. Simple materials such as copper pipes and nails can be used to create an attractive pot rack.

Step 1 - Purchase a Kit

Visit your favorite home improvement store or shop online for a copper pot rack kit and some copper nails.

Step 2 – Choose Location

Choose a  place to hang the copper pot rack is that is within arm's reach. It can be hung at a prep area and also kept away from busy thoroughfares to prevent accidents. Kitchen islands or peninsulas are convenient places to install one too.

Step 3 – Assemble the Pot Rack

Assemble the pot rack by following the instructions in the manual.

Step 4 – Install the Pot Rack

Position the hanging mounts on the wall and secure them with copper nails. Make sure they are secure and affix the pot rack to the mouting brackets according to the kit instructions. Inspect the final assembly; insure all components fit in well together and that they are secure. Finally, unstall hooks on the pot rack and hang pots.

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