Making Cushions for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture Making Cushions for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

What You'll Need
Sewing machine
Needle and pins
Foam sheets
Polystyrene balls
Tape measure
Tailors chalk
Notepad and pencil

You can use cushions to make furniture for both inside and outside use much more comfortable. By making them yourself, you can be assured that the style and color will be in keeping with the furniture. Cushions for your indoor and outdoor furniture are surprisingly easy to make with minimal sewing skills.

Step 1 – Preparation  

The first step is to measure the dimensions of the furniture where the cushion will go. Ensure that you measure the full extent of the area that you want the cushion to cover and make a note of the results. This process will also give you the opportunity to consider the furniture to determine which fabric will work best. Be aware that a waterproof fabric will be required for outdoor furniture. Gather the relevant fabric and materials in accordance with the measurements, making sure that there is some excess in case of mistakes.

Step 2 – Cut Cushion

It is prudent to make separate cushions and covers to ensure that they are easy to maintain and the cushions should be made first. Cut two pieces of cotton in exactly the same size in the required shape. Ensure that there is enough of a free edge left to enable you to sew the hem.

Lay one piece of fabric directly on top of the other, with the outer surfaces of the cushion facing in. Use a sewing machine to stitch seams along the entire length of all but one side of an angled shape so that a small gap is left and all but a few inches for a circular pattern. This will enable you to turn the material inside out before stuffing it with foam pieces or polystyrene balls to create a bean bag type cushion. Close up the gap that is left by hand sewing it. If you are using foam to pad your cushion, you will simply be able to cut it as desired. The final cushion can then be used as a guide for the size of the cover.

Step 3 – Make Covers

The process of making covers for cushions begins in the same way as the cushions in that the fabric must be sewn together, however, the difference comes from the fact that the zip must be sewn on first. Align the zip with the inside edge of one piece of fabric, making sure it is facing the right way and securing it with pins if necessary. Run both components through the sewing machine before doing the same with the other side of the zip. Make sure the other edges are sewn together inside out before turning it out through the zipped hole. Fit the cushion into the cover and zip it closed.

For a foam slab, each side of the cushion must be measured and the zip can be sewed to one of the side panels as previously. Gradually sew all the edges with the fabric inside out starting with the zip. When complete, pull it the correct way around through the zipped hole and fit it over the foam.

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