Making Dowel Joints: Mistakes to Avoid Making Dowel Joints: Mistakes to Avoid

When making dowel joints it is very important to do the job correctly. Many people who are familiar with the antique world know exactly how to make the perfect joint:

1 - Knowing What a Dowel Joint Does

Dowel joints are important since they can connect pieces of wood together while avoiding gaps that have to be filled. They are durable and very easy to assemble.

2 - Measuring Mistakes

When making dowel joints never forget to figure out the width and length of the project that the joint is to be used on.

3 - Drilling Mistakes

Avoid making the holes circular since they will not accommodate the joints. A drill guide should be used to make square holes. This is very important since square holes are compatible with the joints.

4 - Gluing Mistakes

Never try to use any random glue when inserting a dowel joint into the wood piece. Wood glue is the only glue that will sustain the project.

5 - Safety Mistakes

Never use the backsaw to cut the wood without first donning work gloves. This will prevent any cuts or scrapes from the blade. It is also important to wear safety goggles in order to protect your eyes since there may be pieces of wood flying while cutting and drilling the wood.

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