Making Dry Ice: A How to Guide Making Dry Ice: A How to Guide

What You'll Need
Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
Thick close weave sack
Large heavy duty container
Protective gloves
Safety goggles
Duct tape

Making dry ice can help create drama by providing a smoky atmosphere. Learning to make the dry ice yourself will save you money. By following the  steps here, you will find find that performing this task yourself is both easy and and safe.

Step 1 – Prepare Equipment

Gather all the tools and equipment so that you are properly prepared. If it is not convenient to work outside, make sure the area in which you are working is properly ventilated. You will also need to use safety equipment to protect yourself from what can be a dangerous substance. When making dry ice, do not allow it to come in contact with your skin. Consider every part of the process and ensure that you have the correct tools to carry it out.

Step 2 – Secure Extinguisher

Don all the safety gear before placing the nozzle of the extinguisher in the opening of the opening of the sack. Gather the rim of the sack around the nozzle so that there is no space between the two. Secure the sack in place against the nozzle with duct tape, making sure that the join is airtight.

Step 3 – Empty Extinguisher

Squeeze the trigger of the fire extinguisher to empty the contents into the bag, which will begin the process of making dry ice. Set the bottom of the bag onto a solid surface and allow the spray to flow continuously for up to around fifteen seconds. Release the duct tape securing the bag to the nozzle to allow the carbon dioxide access to oxygen. This step will cause the carbon dioxide gas to change its form by becoming solid after it expands. Making dry ice is possible as a result of this reaction, which will leave a quantity of white powdery material in the base of the bag that is giving off white vapor.    

Step 4 – Remove Dry Ice

Remove the dry ice from the bag in a careful manner to avoid any injury. Place a heavy duty container that is large enough to accommodate the quantity of dry ice on a solid, stable surface. Upend the bag carefully to allow the dry ice to slide out of the bag and into the waiting container, making sure it does not move in the process. Depending on its purpose, you may need to place the dry ice in a different location, which must only be done with the use of tongs and while wearing safety gear. Pour cold water over the dry ice to create the situation where a large quantity of vapor pours from it, leading to a mystical and decorative effect.

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