Making Fake Rock out of Cement: 3 Tips

A great way to add some some character to any landscape is with some fake rock. These rocks are very easy to make and can be done with simple cement. Place your fake rocks in a garden, around your home, as accents on your lawn, or to make a rock wall. The uses are long and only limited by your imagination. Building fake rocks from cement can be done easily in a few steps.

Tip #1 - Mix Cement

The first step to making a fake rock is to mix the cement. Depending on how large you want the rock, you will need some ready mix cement, water, and a bucket or wheelbarrow. Mix the cement until it is pliable, but not runny.

Tip #2 - Mold Cement

Using plastic gloves for dish washing, begin to work the cement in the way you want it to look. Rocks are not completely round so use your imagination or another rock, or boulder for inspiration. Work the cement until it resembles the rock you want.

Tip #3 - Let Rock Cure

After you have molded the cement, add some texture with small sticks, other rocks, and even leaves. Just add enough to give character, lines, and definition. Let your fake rock cure for a few days and then place in your garden.