Making Floral Curtains Look Modern

Many times curtains are a focal point of a room. For a modern home, floral curtains are typically not a first choice when decorating. Florals are seen as too old-fashioned or too feminine to be able to hold their own in a room that is decorated in a modern way. Thankfully, there are ways to make floral curtains look modern and reclaim a sense of femininity in a modern space.


Floral prints need not be done in bright fuchsia and orange to be classified as bold, and certainly not as modern. Bold prints, in a modern decor, tend to be understated boldness. Large, monotone flowers on a plain, but vibrant background work well for modern curtain trends. For instance, a large white hibiscus flower outline done on a striking black fabric curtain would tie the boldness of the black in with other aspects of the room's modern decor. Other options for bold prints include having a colored flower on a stark white background where the color of the flowers ties in with the other colors found throughout the room.

Teeny Tiny Flowers

Although small flowers are reminiscent of Victorian style curtains, tiny floral prints can also work well in modern decorating trends. Again, the emphasis needs to be on the colors found in the curtain for it to be classified as a modern floral print. Simple, black floral strands that run the length of the bold red, electric blue or haunting black curtain would fit perfectly in a modern room. Instead of many small strands of tiny flowers, a single strand that ran along the edge of the curtain length would also add femininity while being proudly modern.


Multi-dimensional curtains are a fun, modern twist on the sophisticated, feminine curtain. The modern multi-dimensional curtain might feature a flat, monotone curtain background upon which bold, red silk peonies are sewn. A 3-D approach to curtains provides visual interest and an immediate focal point for the room. Multi-dimensional curtains are also fun and have the potential to draw in any color or floral mood that wants to be included in the decor. Although usually very pricey when purchased pre-made, multi-dimensional curtains can be sewn by hand for a relatively inexpensive price.


Floral curtains that are more Victorian than they are modern can also be given a modern feel by including modern accessories. A silver tie-back or hook can add an elegant, but modern tone to the look of the curtains. Tying the curtains with a length of silver chain is also a way to add an unusually modern feel to the lengths of fabric. Modern finials at the end of the curtain rods help in creating the mood too.

Floral curtains can be made to feel and look more at home in a modern setting than in Victorian decor by decorating with pieces that incorporate modern inspiration. Floral patterns add life and energy to a room, even if done in bright white on a deep, ebony background. Add floral curtains to a modern room for renewed spirit and vigor.