Making Organic Insect Repellent for Plants Making Organic Insect Repellent for Plants

When you are growing plants in your garden, you may want to spray them with plant insect repellent to ensure that no pests get to them and ruin your plants, flowers or vegetables. However, many insect repellents and pesticides will not only hurt the insects, but they will also damage your plants, other animals and you when you eat your plants. It will also decrease the taste and nutritional value of your plants. At the same time, insects can destroy your garden in just a few days and it can be very challenging to keep them out of your garden, but there is a way to create an organic insect repellent that will help keep the bugs away and will not harm your plants, your pets or you and your family.

Mince Hot Peppers

The first thing you should do is find six large hot peppers and mince them by chopping them up into tiny pieces with a sharp knife. It is a good idea to wear gloves and to not touch your face and eyes while working with the peppers as the peppers could make your skin swell or burn your skin. Wearing gloves is especially important if you have any minor cuts on your hands.

Cover the Peppers with Oil

After the peppers are as tiny as they can get by chopping them, put them in a glass jar and add 2-3 tablespoons of oil, making sure that all the peppers get covered by the oil. You can use any type of cooking oil you choose, though mineral oil may work the best. It is important that the oil equally covers the contents in the jar. Screw the lid on the jar and let the jar sit for 1-2 days to let the oil soak into the peppers.

Create a Water Mixture

You can do this at any stage of the process as long as you do not mix the water concoction with the peppers until after the 1-2 day period of soaking time. Take one pint of water (which is two cups of water) and 3 tablespoons of organic liquid dish detergent to the water. After the pepper-soaking period is complete, mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.


Get a clean jar and place a double layer of cheesecloth over the new jar. Put the mixture of peppers, water, oil and detergent into the cheesecloth and squeeze the moisture through the cheesecloth into the clean jar. This process will let the liquid pass through the cheesecloth while keeping the peppers behind, allowing you to make a spray solution.

Spray Bottles

You may fill spray bottles with 2 tablespoons of your homemade solution to every pint (or two cups) of water. It is best to spray your plants in the early mornings or evenings so that it doesn’t damage any plants that may be more sensitive to the spray in the summer heat.

Also make sure to do a test spray to make sure that the plants will accept the spray by only spraying a few leaves of each type of plant at first. If they don’t have any damage after a few days the solution will work. If the plants do have signs of damage, add more water to the solution and try it again until you find the right ratio.

By making a homemade solution, you can ensure that your plants, pets and family will remain safe from pesticides.

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