Making Outdoor Chair Cushions Last

Outdoor chairs.

Preserving your outdoor chair cushions and making them last longer can be quite a tough job especially if you live in an area that is frequently visited by storms and hurricanes. Exposure to bad weather can shorten the useful life of your cushions. To help make your outdoor chair cushions last longer, here are some tips for you.

Remove Seat Cushions before Cleaning Your Outdoor Furniture

Before cleaning your outdoor furniture, remove the seat cushions first. If you use soap and water to clean your furniture, make sure that the furniture is completely dry before you put the cushions back in their places.

Store Fabric Items Indoors when Not in Use

The best way to protect your outdoor chair cushions is to store these items indoors when not in use. Do not leave your cushions outside, especially during rainy seasons and during the winter.

Wash the Cushions Regularly

If you are using leather materials for your seat cushions, use leather cleansers to wipe off dirt and grime from the cushions. On the other hand, if you are using fabric materials to cover your seat cushions, remove the covers of the cushions and wash them with cold water to minimize shrinking. To help minimize shrinking, you may place the fabric back on your outdoor furniture right after washing them and let it dry on the furniture frame.