Making Precise Cuts In Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is as durable as other types of hardwood flooring found in the home. Bamboo is easy to grow and is a fraction of the cost of pine, oak or maple.

Because of its durability and strength, cutting bamboo flooring to fit into place has to be done with precision to prevent splintering. Here are some suggestions that may aid you in this type of project.

Mark Cut Lines

Use a pencil and straight edge and mark the cut line in the flooring. Where the line was drawn on the floor, take blue painter’s tape and place it next to it to provide a guide for the saw to cut along.

Use a Carbide Blade Saw

Take a circular saw with a carbide blade and make your cut carefully across the marked cut line. Do not cut the painter’s tape in order to prevent the blade from gumming up. Once you have completed the cut, carefully remove the tape in order to prevent the ends of the bamboo flooring from splintering.

Run the saw at a high speed of at least 3,000 to 3,500 rpms. To avoid being hit with any flying bamboo splinters, wear safety glasses when making the cuts.