Making Resin Table Tops: 3 Tips Making Resin Table Tops: 3 Tips

Making resin table tops are a great way to add personality to a table. You can create a unique coffee table that's sure to spark your creativity and fun conversations. Resin can be tricky to handle. Use these tips when you approach a project.

1 - Glue Objects to Table First

If you're planning on adding pennies, wood shavings, bottle caps or other objects to the table, then glue them first. The best adhesive to use is contact cement, but you could also try liquid nails. Super glue isn't strong enough. Don't skip this step, or you'll end up with loose objects underneath the layer that will become an eyesore.

2 - Add Resin in Layers

When adding resin, avoid pouring a thick layer. It will heat up and not give you the results you want. The trick to making resin table tops is to add layers. Pour the first layer, enough to cover the surface area. Let it gel before you add another layer. Keep going until you're happy with the finished product.

3 - Create a Barrier

Make a box around the table of aluminum foil, and use duct tape to secure it. You'll hold the resin in. If you don't create a barrier it will spill over the sides.

Get creative when thinking of designs for resin table tops. It could end up being passed down in your family for years to come.

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