Making Rose Bouquets Making Rose Bouquets

To make a classic rose bouquet you'll need 2 dozen fresh roses, scissors, green floral tape and wide satin ribbon.

  • Clean the stems of the roses so they are free from thorns, brown petals and most if not all leaves.
  • Start by holding three roses that will be the center of the bouquet. Hold them so they vary slightly in height by 1/4 inch and form a triangular shape. Add roses three at a time, making a larger triangle shape and keeping them close together. If the stems start getting unruly, use your floral tape to help hold them together.
  • Continue altering the heights of the blooms slightly to add depth and variation. As the bouquet continues to get larger, it will take on a circular shape. 
  • When all 2 dozen blooms are where you want them, use the floral tape on the stems to hold them together. Leave about an inch from the tape to the blooms and about two inches from the base of the stems will be. Tape the stems tightly and cut them down to an even length. Use your satin ribbon to wrap or braid around the stems to hide the floral tape. Either pin the ribbons to the stems with a beaded head pin, or tie the ribbon in a knot to secure it.

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