Making Round Steel Concrete Forms

What You'll Need
Tape measure
4 to 6-inch-wide Steel rods/stakes
Steel clips
Steel cutter/saw
String line

Concrete forms are nothing but the base or the platform on which various building structures can be built. For years and almost from the very beginning of construction concrete forms have been used to put up buildings and even simple structures. What is interesting to note is that the form has changed a lot over the years. Once it was genuinely done using wood, but today owing to the high price and pressure on the renewable resource, alternatives have been though of. Steel and aluminum are the two basic alternatives that are being used today to construct concrete forms. The durability and the flexible nature make steel more apt for the concrete forms. Becase of the versatile nature, it is rather easy to construct a round steel concrete form, following simple techniques.

Step1: The Strings

When you are beginning with the building of the concrete form, the first thing that you need is to be very particular about the area. It is the measurement that you will have to bring into consideration while dealing with forms. A rough circular area must be demarcated based on the height and the surface area proposition. You will have to consider the height to which the concrete would be filled within the concrete forms. This will help you get the idea better.

Step2: Getting Hold of the Stakes

Your next step would be to arrange the steel stakes on the demarcated area very carefully observing the strings very minutely. Be cautious not to disturb the strings, as that might just make the measurements go haywire. While you are dealing with the steel stakes, you will first have to roughly bend them to see how many you need to complete the circular area. Once you have actually calculated the rough calculations, it is time to get into some real work.

Step3: Making the Circle

Bending the steel stake is rather easy and can be easily done by creating pressure on the one side and folding the stake on the other side. Once you are done with the bending, concentrate on the round concrete forms.

Step4: The Arrangement

Finally start placing the stakes over the strings or just around them. Make your work easier by putting clips along the way as you arrange. Do not just arrange the stakes and move on, start working wisely and keep clipping the stakes along the way. For reinforcement, after finishing you can come back to the starting point again and hammer the steel clips to keep them held together.

Step5: The Final Act

Try to work with some caution, as you are not only dealing with an odd shape but metal at the same time. Be very particular in clipping the stakes together with care and try to come back after clipping to force the form more into the ground. The earth and the moist surface will help hold on to the framework.