Making Seats for Tractor Snowblowers

What You'll Need
Heavy Duty Cotter Pins
Tape Measure
Staple Gun

Tractor snow blowers are perfect for areas that get a lot of snowfall. You can make one yourself from different machines you already have, or you could just go out and purchase one. Regardless of the type of tractor snow blower that you have you are going to need a comfortable seat. Below are the steps to make one specifically for your tractor snow blower.

Step 1 – Frame

When you begin construction on your tractor snow blower seats, start with the frame. Measure how big the seats are going to need to be before you make any cuts into the wood. The frame itself will require welding. After you have gotten it welded, get two pieces of wood, one for the back rest and one for the frame. After you have done this you may want to sand the edges to make them round. This is more for comfort than anything.

Step 2 – Seat

Remember this seat is going to be used in the cold weather and may get a little wet. You’ll want to get a good sturdy vinyl to upholster your seat. Do not use cloth or any other type of fabric that will not hold up in the wintertime. Any fabric store will sell the foam that you need for the seat along with the vinyl. Save putting the finished seat on your frame for last. The frame should be completely welded before you move on to this step.

Use a staple gun to get the vinyl attached to the foam and wood. Staples from a staple gun are sturdy and inexpensive. Once you have welded the frame and got the wood set up, you will move on to stapling the vinyl to the foam.

Step 3 – Seat Features

Because this type of seat was made separate from the frame it can be adjusted however you see fit whenever you need it to be. If you do not wish to have your seat adjustable, you can keep it in place with some heavy-duty cotter pins.

Step 4 – Other Options

A lot of tractor snow blowers are no bigger than regular riding lawn mowers. It is possible to even make your lawnmower into a tractor snow blower during the winter. In order to do this, attach a modified snow blade to the front of your mower. However, you should keep in mind that you will be using a lot more gasoline. Because it is a lot more wear and tear on your riding lawnmower, this option may not be for you.