Making Sure Your Sliding Door Closers Won't Stick Making Sure Your Sliding Door Closers Won't Stick

If you have sliding door closers, then you know that the mechanism is likely to stick occasionally. The mechanism of the sliding door closer is that the arm thrusts itself out of a pod in order to close the door. Obviously, this movement is likely to cause a lot of friction, increasing the chances that there will be some sticking sooner or later.


The first answer to the problem of the sliding door closers mechanism is to add lubrication. When the door is fully closed, you should be able to grease the arm which slides in and out of the pod. Adding a little grease will ensure that fiction is reduced, and that the amount of sticking that the arm suffers is lessened. This simple practise, done regularly will really help your door closer.


Another answer is regular cleaning. The action of the arm can transfer dirt in and out of the pod, which will cause obstructions and add to the chances of sticking. Clean the arm as often as possible, daily for preference, in order to ensure that there is nothing taken inside the pod. If necessary, remove the sliding door closers, and clean out the pod with a wire.

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