Making Table Legs for a Pedestal Style Table

What You'll Need
Router table
Dovetail bit ( 3/4 -inch)
Wooden post measuring 4x4 inches, 29 inches long
4 wooden boards, 1x6 inches, 16 inches long
Pencil and flexible ruler
Fine sandpaper
Wood glue
Band saw
4 premade adjustable furniture feet

Table legs for a pedestal table are different from other types of legs. A pedestal table typically is comprised of a circular, flat surface that is supported by one thick column or pedestal. That column must rest on several smaller legs, which are attached to the base, in order to be fully stable. Depending upon the size and design of the table that you're interested in building, you may need to select table legs of differing sizes. Follow the steps below to make standard table legs for a pedestal style table.

Step 1 - Route the Post

Begin by setting up the router so that it will cut the full .75-inch depth of the dovetail bit into the center of the wooden post. Use the router to cut 4-inch dovetail cuts onto all 4 corners of each end of the wooden post. These cuts will be the slots in which the table legs will attach to the pedestal.

Step 2 - Draw the Legs

Lay out 1 of the 4 wooden boards. Begin by drawing the 4-inch dovetail cut onto the board using a flexible ruler. This cut will be the end that connects into the center of the post. Draw the remainder of the leg to your specifications, keeping in mind that the leg must be large enough to support the weight of the table. It's a good idea to use the full 16-inches of the board for the best support. The opposite end should be curved downward to provide a place for the feet to attach. Repeat the process for the other 3 boards.

Step 3 - Cut the Legs

Use the band saw to carefully cut out the legs along the penciled line that you drew. Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges that remain after the cut out legs.

Step 4 - Dovetail the Connecting Points on the Legs

Use the router table to cut the dovetail on the connecting end of each of the 4 legs. This dovetail should be convex; it will be the male end that attaches in to the center post of the table. You'll need to adjust the router table in order to produce the same 4-inch cut with the dovetail bit, but convex instead of concave.

Step 5 - Attach the Legs and Feet

Apply wood glue to each of the 4 dovetailed ends of the legs. Carefully fit these ends of the legs into the center pedestal of the table. Be sure to wipe away any excessive glue that might spill out. Screw the feet into the base of each of the 4 legs once the glue has dried.