Making the Most of Small Spaces

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We spoke with Reham Fagiri, Co-Founder of AptDeco, about utilizing small spaces and how a DIYer can start elevating their place themselves.

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Here at, we love finding ways for the average person to take control of a project. How should someone start when revamping a room to get the most out of their space?

Planning is key. Put together a mood board and a simple sketch of the layout of your space including placeholders for where the furniture would go. It doesn't have to be exact but keep in mind the measurements of your room and the large furniture pieces so you make sure everything will fit. A hand sketch will do.

Pick a few large key pieces and decorate around them. With pieces like sofas, coffee tables, dressers, etc pick neutral colors like white, grey, brown, beige, black. For the accent pieces, like lamps, rugs, pillows, this where you can really show off your personality with a pop of color and sense of humor.

For interior projects like these, are there necessary skills a DIYer can easily learn? What resources are out there for someone just starting out?

DIYers can learn quick tips to help decorate their small spaces. Taking advantage of free resources such as instructional videos on YouTube, following bloggers and watching home improvement TV shows can go a long way. If you want it to take it a step further, taking a workshop at your local community college or university can be a tremendous help.

What are your favorite tricks to utilizing a small space's potential? How do you make a room feel bigger?

-Use light colors. Try to keep the walls a neutral color - white or beige tend to open up the space. Feel free to use a bright color as an accent wall and/or for your decor items like throw pillows and rugs.

-Keep the curtains/drapes the same color as your walls. This will open up the space even more.

-Adding a mirror helps gives the illusion of a larger space. Free standing mirrors or larger wall mirrors tend to work best in smaller rooms.

-Reduce clutter by use of smart storage solutions like coffee tables or sofas with storage compartments for example.

-Use raised furniture - furniture with legs for example. Dressers and sofas with raised legs creates a sense of light and space.

What do you think about multifunctional furniture and other items? Is this something people can build or update themselves?

Multifunctional furniture is a must have for smaller spaces. It helps reduce clutter and keeps your home organized. Adding storage bins under your bed or coffee table can make a big difference in your space. You don't have to create levers or a fancy storage solution to turn a piece of furniture into multifunctional, you can definitely make few tweaks to turn it into a storage solution.

Does approaching small spaces affect your mindset when looking at large spaces? Are there ideas and tips that can carry over?

Always keep the same ground rules when decorating any space. With larger spaces you have a bit of breathing rooms, e.g. adding more colors, using darker wall colors, etc.