Making the Most of Your Dollhouse Set

When you first put your dollhouse set furniture and accessories into your dollhouse, you are delighted - for a few minutes. Your next thought is about what you would like to add to make it like a real home for your dolls. Here are plenty of ideas to help turn your doll's house into a real home.  

Dollhouse Lighting

You can make a substantial dollhouse charming by adding floor and table lamps, and ceiling lights. Plan how to illuminate your house before you apply the wall and floor coverings. This way you can hide the power cords for your lighting system. Use one 12-volt transformer for every 12 light bulbs to be lit in the house, and purchase socket boards, too, to plug in the lights.

Add Seasonal Charm

Decorate your dollhouse with the appropriate miniatures for every season. Set up an unlit or lighted Christmas tree for the holiday season. Get a jack-o'lantern and other toys for your front entry for Halloween, and hang a flag at the front of the house or stand up a flagpole nearby.

Dress Your Home by the Calendar

In the winter, put a crocheted blanket out on the sofa and a thicker rug on the living room floor. Hang up heavy velvet drapes. Put a handcrafted quilt or duvet in the bedroom. For the summer months, change the drapes to lightweight cotton or sheers, and lay down a cotton yarn dhurrie or other lighter colored floor covering. Put the barbecue grill out by the backyard patio, and set up the picnic table, lawn chairs and umbrella table.

Landscape the Yard of Your Dollhouse

You can purchase miniature landscape trees and shrubbery at craft stores, or visit a florist to see what is available in small, dried flowers, ferns and other accents. Create a container garden with recycled coffee cream and milk containers, painted to look like terracotta or other materials. Adapt toothpaste tube lids into flower pots. Pave your patio with tiny wall tiles. Make a believable snowscape for your yard out of cotton batting. Lay out your front lawn in green polar fleece fabric.

Make Your Dollhouse Historically Authentic

If you have a Victorian house, a Spanish villa or a Georgian-style townhouse, study  architecture and interior design books for tips on authentic interiors. In a Victorian mansion, choose ornate furniture, plenty of tablecloths, ceiling chandeliers and patterned wallpaper.  A Spanish villa would look genuine with white stucco-finished walls, wrought-iron lighting and a stone fireplace, and furnishings in red, gold and brown.  Use elegant striped wallpaper in the Georgian townhouse, with Chippendale or Queen Anne furniture and Axminster rugs.

You can buy all of these accessories at specialty dollhouse retailers either locally or online. As always, if you cannot find them ready-made, you can make them yourself.  Kits for many furniture items are for sale, or with a bit of practice you can build pieces using scaled-down "lumber" such as popsicle sticks and tongue depressors. Sew, crochet or knit bedding, linens and curtains from fabric scraps or remnants available at fabric shops.