Making Turned Table Legs: 5 Tips Making Turned Table Legs: 5 Tips

Turned table legs can be used to replace broken table legs or to replace existing legs with legs made from wood that better matches your table or give a more decorative look to your dining room.

Tip 1 – Choose Wood Type for Your Table Legs

In making turned table legs, keep in mind that you need to turn them on a wood lathe. This means you'll need wood that will be less likely to sliver or splinter when chiseled.

Tip 2 – Use Hardwood

You'll need wood that is less likely to warp with moisture or age. This means you should use a hard wood such as maple, oak, mahogany, and the like.

Tip 3 – Use Wood with Straight Grain

Examine the wood grain in the wood you plan to use for your table legs. Be sure the grain is straight. Otherwise, your turned legs are more likely to break or splinter.

Tip 4 –  Wood Color

Choose wood color that will match your table wood's color.

Tip 5 -  Make Your Table Legs the Right Size

Determine the height you'll want your table, then figure how long you new table legs will need to be, and purchase wood that will allow you to make legs of appropriate length. Remember to account for the wood you'll be cutting off the turned legs when you remove them from your lathe.

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