Making Wind Chimes: Create the Sound you Desire

To get the sound wanted in wind chimes it is best to experiment with various materials. Different materials produce unique sounds when they clank together.

Metal Wind Chimes

Metal wind chimes ring particular notes and you can tune each chime to a note, though that is hard because the way a chime vibrates produces the note. To get a certain note the dimensions have to be correct like length, diameter and thickness. These attributes determine the frequency. Also, different metals produce different sounds.

Decide on the number of notes wanted and test your metal pipe lengths with an electronic tuner or use a piano or guitar to gauge what you want. For example, to make a five-note wind chime with these notes c, f, g, d and a from the C scale you would cut the first length of copper pipe and check the note. If it is G flat, but you need a G then grind the end of the pipe a bit. Then check the note again. Grinding off some of the metal makes a higher note. To drill the holes use a 1/8 to 1/16-drill bit.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are also made of wood. Bamboo is a good wood to use for wind chimes as it creates a subdued sound. For people that want a soft and relaxing sound bamboo is a perfect material to use. To create this softer sound use a soft metal like lead, tin or copper for the strikers.

Glass Wind Chime

Glass wind chimes produce an ethereal tinkling sound. They are perfect when you want a light musical sound. Stained glass makes good wind chimes. Make sure some of the pieces of glass aren’t too heavy so the heavy piece doesn’t break the lighter piece of glass. They should weight about the same. Use a diamond bit to drill the holes threw the glass pieces.

Other Materials for Wind Chimes

To produce various sounds from wind chimes other materials can be used such as clay pot pieces, seashells, stone, porcelain, PVC pipe and silverware. The best materials for making the chimes will be hollow. Solid materials as chimes make a dull sound that doesn’t ring out. The strikers and objects for decoration can be solid. Place the chime pieces on a rod or piece of wood close enough that they will hit each other producing the musical sound or use strikers.