Making Your Own Foam Pillow is Easy and Cheap

What You'll Need
Sewing machine
Tape measure
Heavy object
Roll the Foam

Making your own foam pillows is cheap and it allows you to make the shape and size to your own wishes. You can buy a ready shaped piece of foam, a memory pillow form or a long strip of foam.

If you have decided to buy a strip of foam to make your pillow with you need to roll it to the shape and size you want your pillow to be. When you bought the foam you will have bought it at the correct width for the length of your pillow. Start rolling the foam at one end.

Types of Roll

If you want to finish up with a precise pillow size, you will have to roll the foam like a concertina. This is really folding rather than rolling. If the width of the pillow is more important than the depth you can roll it like a Swiss roll. Start the roll off with a fold over about half of the depth you would like the pillow to be. As the roll continues the depth will grow as you add extra thicknesses.

Secure the Roll

Once you have finished rolling the foam and are happy with the final size place something heavy on it to hold it together.  

Measure the Roll

Use a tape measure to measure the roll of foam. The width measurement will be the width of the foam plus about 2 ½ inches. The depth of the roll will be the measurement around the outside of the roll. Use a little pressure on the tape measure. Add 2 ½ inches to the measured depth.

Cut out the Cover Material

Measure and cut out a piece of cover material so that it is 4 ½ inches longer than the roll measured in length and 2 ½ inches more in breadth.

Make the Pillow Cover

Fold the material in half with the right sides facing. Line up the edges. Sew the two long sides together. Put the row of stitches 5/8 inch in from the edge. You will end up with a tube. Sew the two short sides at one end together. Again put the stitches 5/8 inch from the edge. You now have a pillow cover that is open at one end.

Turn the Cover Inside Out

Reach into the cover and pull the closed end out of the open end. The cover will now show a squared end and a seam down the length. Lay the case down and make sure the long seam is at one edge.

Insert the Foam

Take your roll of foam and hold it together. Present it to the open end of the case and ease it inside. The foam will tend to spring open so you must be ready to hold the roll closed. When the end of the roll is at the end of the case you should be able to see the finished size and shape of your pillow.

Close the Open End

Fold the edges of the open end into the case by about ½ inch or a little more if possible. Pull and sew the folded edges together.

Your pillow is now finished.