Making Your Own Screen Room Divider

What You'll Need
Four 3x6 pieces of quarter inch plywood
Eight 3x4 pieces of prefabricated wainscoting
Finishing nails
Nine Decorative Hinges
Molding for the outer edges of all four boards
Wood Glue
Liquid Nails caulking
Caulk Gun
Measuring tape
White paint
Paint Brush
Accent color of paint

A screen room divider is generally one that is made in at least three panels and uses hinges to make a zigzag pattern. It is used to screen different areas of a room from view or as an accent piece in your décor. As opposed to a room divider wall which is permanent, the screen room divider can be moved around the room to different locations. A screen divider can be made using basic supplies and a working knowledge of how to operate basic tools. For this design, use wainscoting and molding attached to plywood for a shabby chic design.

Step 1 - Make The Cuts

You can either have the local hardware store make the proper cuts for you or you can do it yourself.  Make sure that all four panels are even with straight cuts. Same with the wainscoting cuts they need to fit perfectly on top of each other.

Step 2 - Attach The Wainscoting

Attach the Wainscoting to the front and back of the lower portion of the panels. Use the liquid nails and allow for drying time. It is also a good idea to apply pressure to the boards to make the adhesion stronger. Stack them on top of each other and place a heavy object on top for about an hour.

Step 3 - Trim

Place the trim along all edges of the panels. Use a miter saw to get precision cuts. Attach with wood glue and finishing nails. Place a piece of molding on the top of the wainscoting edge to finish it up.

Step 4 - Paint

Use the white paint to paint all surfaces. You will paint the trim and all boards on both sides of the panels to be uniform. Allow for drying time and add another coat if needed. Now you get to add the detail that makes it look shabby chic. Dip the rag in your accent paint and apply the paint in light streaks along the wainscoting. Keep the lines vertical. If you over apply the color, then use a clean rag to wipe it. You can also mix the accent color with white paint to add dimension.

Step 5 - Attach The Hinges

Attach the hinges between all four panels. Make sure to alternate the way that the hinge opens. Without the alternation you will end up with a straight screen that will not zigzag. If your screen does not zigzag it will not stay upright.

Making a screen room divider can be an artistic outlet. You can make your screen out of many materials and use anything to decorate it with. It can add style and depth to any room. By using your imagination and by understanding the basic tips on how to make a screen divider the possibilities are endless.