Making Your Own Waterbed Conditioner

woman and baby laying in bed

Waterbed conditioner is a vital treatment for the water in your waterbed. No matter how well your tap water is filtered it is inevitable that there will be microbes, algae, and mold spores present.

The Danger

Microbes, algae, and mold spores find the ideal growing conditions. They not only make the water in your bed stale, but they also settle on the inner wall of your water bag and will eventually weaken it.

Early Indications

Often the development of these microorganisms leads to the creation of bubbles in the water and eventually, even if you can’t see them, you will be able to hear them.

The Treatment

Your waterbed should be treated with conditioner every six months. If you are using a conditioner from a supplier, add it according to the instructions. If you are going to make your own conditioner you must put a quarter of a cup of conditioner into the water for every 100 gallons of water. Conditioner must be kept in a cool and dark place and will last for at least a year.

Primary Ingredients

There are two primary ingredients that you can use to make your own conditioner, sodium thiosulphate or sodium hydroxy ethane sulphonate and either one is reliable. Here are some pointers to whip up a batch.


Sodium thiosulphate has to be mixed with distilled water in the ratio of 1:12 by volume to make a satisfactory conditioner.

Air Tight Container

Obtain an air-tight container to mix the ingredients. This container should hold at least seven cups of liquid for the following recipe. You will need a larger or smaller container for other volumes.

Add Ingredients

Pour half a cup of sodium thiosulphate and six cups of distilled water into the air-tight container. If you are not using cups as a measure, make sure that you are using the right proportions of one measure of sodium thiosulphate to twelve measures of distilled water.

Mix Thoroughly

Mixing the sodium thiosulphate and water is simple a matter of shaking the sealed container vigorously until all is dissolved. Your container now holds six and a half cups of conditioner.


Treat the waterbed by adding a quarter of a cup of conditioner for every 100 gallons of water that your waterbed contains.

Make a note of the date of the next treatment in six months in a place where you will not miss it – your diary or a calendar. Store the rest of the conditioner in a cool dark place and keep it away from children.