Making Your Own Wedding Hair Accessories

Wedding hair accessories can be fun to make and are fairly simple. Most people only have this big day once. Getting it right will take the coordination and cooperation of your bridesmaids. You don’t want everyone to end up looking different. Discuss the wedding hair accessories with the other people who are involved with your big day. Before you start planning, you should take a look at what you can use. Gather a few samples and then get the people involved together and try out the various ideas you have and make the samples. This way you will be coordinated in style and color and the look will be great.


Hairpins are great in short hair. When deciding on your wedding hair accessories you need to take into account the length of every bridesmaid’s hair. What might look good on you might look terrible on your maid of honor. This is one of the important reasons to get everyone together. Hairgrips or hairpins are easy to attach things to. You can attach a soft feather curl or a small flower to a grip with a bit of superglue or a piece of thin florist’s wire. Make sure you have the samples of your dress material on hand to match colors.


For longer hair, combs are great both for attaching things to and for keeping the hair in place. Remember when placing the combs, you do not want them in a position where they will slip out. You have to have them in position for several hours so they must be comfortable.

Material Rose

A simple material or ribbon rose makes a great accessory and can be made in a few minutes. Fold the ribbon at a 45-degree angle in the middle and then fold the two ends in a continuous box one on top of each other until you reach the end of the ribbon. Hold the one end tight in place and gently pull the other end until the rosebud appears. Wind some cotton around the end and sew through the center. Now you can attach it to the bobby pin or clip. By using a piece of your material you will have the perfect matching accessory for your outfit.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can be used in a similar manner but do make sure that they can last out of water without wilting. Some flowers will last several hours but some will wilt within half an hour. Frangipani are one flower that will last for some time but take into account that they have milk sap and you need to make sure you won’t have that leaking into your hair.

Silk flowers

The silk flowers available on the market today are incredibly life-like and this can overcome the problem of wilting. Many bridal shops and craft shops have selections of these from which to choose.


The array of beads on the market is enormous and using grips or combs you can create your own coordinated masterpieces. Beads come in such shapes and sizes you can buy anything from angels to butterflies. If you are feeling really adventurous you can make your own beads from colored craft clay. Whatever method you use, you will have fun making your own wedding hair accessories.