Making Your Own Wood Doors

What You'll Need
1-inch thick plywood sheet (or other wood)
Hole saw
1-inch paddle saw
Electric screwdriver
Wood glue
Door hinges
Door knob
Tape measure

Solid wood doors are much more desirable in homes than hollow doors made with flimsy materials. Solid wood doors are more expensive than the flimsy doors, and you will find that the selection is somewhat limited. The following article will show you how to make your own wood doors.

Step 1 - Determine the Door Size

Each of the doorframes in your home may not be the same size, so you should measure each frame separately for each door you want to make. Make sure that you take down each side measurements, as well as the top and bottom.

Step 2 - Cut the Wood Doors

Transfer the measurements to the piece of wood and cut out the wood doors. Sand the sides to get a smooth surface.

Step 3 - Make the Doorknob Hole

Due to newer tools on the market, you can create a doorknob hole fairly easily. Measure 36 inches from the bottom of the door and make a mark. Place the tri-square at this mark and move it so it is plumb to the edge and make a mark at 3 inches. Drill a hole with the hole saw and use the paddle saw to remove the wood from the edge of the door for the latch. Install the doorknob according the instructions on the package.

Step 4 - Install the Hinges

The majority of wood doors will require three hinges for the purpose of stability in the doorframe. On the edge of the piece of wood that is opposite the door knob, you will install the hinges. Use the measuring tape to measure 6 inches from the top and 6 inches from the bottom. Make a mark at these locations. These marks are where you will place the top and bottom hinges. Between the first two hinges, use the measuring tape to find the center of the area. Mark the center as the location for the third hinge.

Install the hinges. Add wood glue to the heads of the screws to keep them secure.

Step 5 - Apply Finish and Hang the Wood Doors

Use the sander to roughen the surface of the wood slightly so that it will accept paint or stain. Use a paint or stain to finish the appearance of the wood doors. Use a sealant, if you wish, on top of the paint job. When the wood doors dry, you can install them in place.