Making Your Own Wood Stove Pellets with a Pellet Mill

If you have a pellet wood stove, consider buying a pellet mill so you can make your own wood pellets. A pellet wood stove is a type of fireplace or heater used to provide heat in a specific room or space within your home. If you have an existing fireplace in your home, you can simply have a wood pellet stove insert installed in the fireplace.

Fueling Pellet Wood Stoves

Pellet wood stoves are fueled by pellets. Pellets are a form of biomass that can be made from wood, grass and straw among other materials. The process of making biomass pellets involves a mill that compresses the materials through a process that produces the wood stove pellets. Having the ability to make wood stove pellets can help you cut the costs of the fuel.

Cost of Wood Pellets

Pellet wood stoves cost on average $3 to $4 per 40 pound bag. For a heating season that lasts between December through March, you need approximately 3.5 to 4 tons (7,000 to 8,000 pounds) of wood pellets at a cost of $3 to $4 per 40 pound bag. This translates into a cost of $600 to $800 of wood pellets for the entire heating season. If you are able to make your own wood pellets, you may be able to reduce the cost of heating a portion of your home with the pellet stove by half.

Making Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are milled in a pellet mill. The machine takes raw biomass such as wood, grass and straw and creates a compressed mash. The mash is heated up in a pressurized processor that makes it compact and removes much of the water content. This is the first part of the process for creating wood pellets that takes place in the pellet mill.

Roll out Compressed Biomass

The compressed biomass is next rolled out through a series of rollers in order to create the pellets. The rollers creates a uniform layer of the biomass that is fed into the next step in the process of making the wood stove pellets. The rollers flatten the material and feeds it into the cutters that creates the wood pellets.

Processing the Biomass into Wood Pellets

The compressed biomass is fed into a tube that produces the pellets. The compressed biomass is heated and a wax coat is placed on the pellets as part of the finishing process. The additional heat allows the pellets to dry although once they are packaged and allow to sit for a short period, they are completely dried and ready to be used in your pellet stove.

It may be possible to purchase a used commercial pellet mill for making your own wood stove pellets. These machines can be purchased online but you will need to search extensively in order to find a machine that can meet your needs for making your wood pellets.