Making Your Own Wooden Playhouse

Playhouse in a yard with wild flowers.
  • 5-50 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-500
What You'll Need
3/4 -inch plywood
4x4 Posts
Roofing materials
2x4 lumber
Galvanized screws
Circular saw
Cordless drill
Tape measure

A wooden playhouse is a beloved, imaginative place for children to play, generation after generation. Building one for your kids or grandkids is a rewarding project that requires some basic woodworking skills and tools. It will take a few weekends to finish, but your kids will love it!

Step 1 - Build Platform

A wooden playhouse does not need all the build up of a regular home. That means no foundation is needed. A wooden platform is good enough and will also help you move the playhouse when you need to. Build a basic frame that is four-feet wide by five-feet long. Use 4x4 posts for the frame. They will give you the support, especially when moving it. Secure each post to each other with a butt joint and using metal corner brackets.

Once the frame is built, mark a piece of plywood with the dimensions of the frame and cut out with a circular saw. Make sure the frame is square, then attach the plywood with galvanized screws.

Step 2 - Build Walls

Your wooden playhouse is going to take shape as the walls go up. You do not need traditional framing techniques to build these walls. Cut six 2x4s to five-foot lengths. Lay out 2x4 on a flat surface in a 5x5 square. One on top and bottom and four to make the studs. Attach with screws. Repeat with the other side wall.

Build the front and back walls by measuring the space in between the side walls and cut two 2x4s to fit. One for top and bottom. Cut two more 2x4s for vertical studs. Attach all with screws.

Step 3 - Cover Walls

top of a framed playhouse

Cut your plywood to the size of the walls and cut out with a circular saw. Attach to all sides with screws.

Step 4 - Build Roof

Cut 2x4s to six-foot lengths and attach ends with a roofing bracket to make a truss. Lift up over the dollhouse and attach to the very end of the front. Repeat this process until you have your roof framed in. You should have enough to place a new truss every 12 inches.

Cut out plywood for roof sheathing and attach with screws.

Step 5 - Place Shingles on Roof

Start at the bottom of the roof and begin laying shingles on the wooden dollhouse.

Step 6 - Cut Out Door And Window

people in the window of a black playhouse

Use tape measure and straight edge and mark the dimension of your door and window. Cut out with the circular saw. Keep the pieces of plywood to use for the door and window.

Step 7 - Finishing Touches

Attach hinges to the sides of the door and install back into the hole cut for it. Use a small latch for keeping it closed. Cut the window piece in half vertically and place two hinges on each half. Install these back into its original place. The window should open easily.

Paint the wooden playhouse with a color that will make your kids happy, seal it and it's ready for play.