Man Cave DIY: Add a Floor Drain Man Cave DIY: Add a Floor Drain

If you have a man cave in your basement you may have a need to add a floor drain in order to keep the basement from becoming wet and ruining any of the items that you have placed in the space. In order  to create the proper drainage for your man cave, you need to change the elevation in order to provide a way for water to flow that is away from furniture or your man cave items.

Grade Elevation

Begin the process of adding a floor drain to your man cave by grading the elevation of the basement. The basement's elevation should slope down and away from the main living area of the man cave. This grading can be done by pouring concrete in the basement after constructing wooden forms that slope the flooring at a predetermined angle. The angle that you choose for the slope to induce drainage should not be so steep that it makes walking in the man cave impossible. You may be able to obtain hints from a local contractor or builder as to the right procedures for grading your man cave's flooring to promote drainage.

Build a Water Conduit

Around the perimeter of the outer walls create an elevation using concrete or gravel that will drain water that seeps in your basement to the drain. The water conduits are the first step to building a sump pump that will further assist in the drainage of water.

Build a Sump Pump

Break up the concrete in the corner in the basement and lay in a sump pump assembly. This is a job that is best accomplished with the assistance of a building contractor or plumber who understand the requirements for digging the sump pump well and can do this job faster and more efficiently. Having a sump pump will make drainage in your man cave easier and give you a higher sense of security knowing that water is going where it should be going and not over your furniture.

After the sump pump installation, hire an electrician to wire the sump pump to the electrical panel. This will allow the sump pump to trigger itself when water is present in the basement without the need for you to manually operate the pump every time there is a hint of rain in the air.

Install Floor Drain

While digging the sump pump well, add a ditch that will serve as a drain to the sum pump. This ditch should be capped with a drain hole that is covered by a metal or plastic cover. Water will flow to the drain and run directly to the sump pump, allowing it to divert the water away from the man cave and out of your home. Having a floor drain can also provide you with relief in the event that a pipe bursts.

There are more technical aspects required to be understood when adding a floor drain to your man cave. Much of the manual work necessary to build the drain can be handed by yourself but do not be afraid to call in professional help in order to keep the water out of your man cave. 

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