Man Cave DIY: Build a Kegerator Man Cave DIY: Build a Kegerator

What You'll Need
Standard kegerator conversion
Beer line cleaning kit kit
Electric drill
1 inch hole saw
3 inch hole saw
Phillips head screwdriver
Flathead screwdriver
1/8 inch drill bit
Long nose pliers
Rotary saw
CO2 tank with regulator

A man cave would not be complete without having a kegerator. You can build a kegarator from a a standard size refrigerator or from a mini refrigerator. You don't have to go out and purchase a brand new refrigerator for this project. A refurbished standard refrigerator is ideal.

If you want to have up to four different types of beer taps, the standard size kegerator is what you need. However, if the kegerator is just for you and you have limited types of beer that you consume, the mini refrigerator will be sufficient.

Step 1 - Pick Your Refrigerator

You probably have already determined which refrigerator you want to use. The next step is getting it to your man cave and preparing it. Thoroughly clean the refrigerator and sanitize it. If your refrigerator has shelves, remove them to make room for your kegs. If the floor your refrigerator is not evenly flat, build one that will give you the desired result.

Step 2 - Shank Holes

Drill an 1/8 inch hold pilot for the shank holes ensuring that it goes all the way through the door and that your spigots will have enough elevation to clear the keg and that they are centered. With your 1 inch hold saw, drill a second 1 inch shank hole in the outside of the door for the faucet. Now drill a 2 inch to 3 inch hole on the inside of the door. Place your shank in this hole with the flange against the outside of the door. Tighten the nut onto the inside of the outer panel of the door. The larger hole will be used to tighten the shank nut.

Step 3 - Dip Tray

Use the dip tray mounting bracket to mark the holes where the dip tray will be mounted. After marking the holes, drill them out. Mount your tray with the mounting screws that were provided with your kit.

Step 4 - Connect Beer and Gas Lines

After mounting your dip tray, it is now time to connect your beer and gas lines. Flush out the lines thoroughly and sanitize them. Ensure that the hose clamps are properly tightened. 

Step 5 - CO2 Tank

Placement of your CO2 tank can be done in two ways. You can store it inside your kegerator or on the outside. If there is ample room inside your kegerator, place it in there. However, if there is not, you will need to store it close to your kegerator and a little more work is to be done. Drill another hole through the back of your kegerator and form a seal around the CO2 line with a silicon based sealant. Be careful not to rupture any of your lines while putting together the fittings for your kegerator.

Step 6 - Connect the Keg

You can now reap the benefits of your hard work. Connect your keg and you should have free flowing beer on tap.

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