Man Cave DIY: Build a Walk-in Cooler Man Cave DIY: Build a Walk-in Cooler

For those designing a man cave, an essential element is the building of a walk-in cooler. These kinds of fridges and freezers really improve the quality of a man cave, and are essential for storing perishable goods within easy reach of the cave owner. The ideal walk-in cooler requires a little bit of work, but it is an easily achievable DIY project in order to improve the home or just the man cave itself. In order to make the man cave walk-in cooler, you will need to buy a wall-mounted A/C unit which produces 18,000 BTU as a minimum.

Building the Walk-in Cooler

In the man cave, assemble a frame which measures 8 by 8 by 8, with a suitable door which will fit into the frame., and a hole created which is made to fit the size of your air-conditioning unit. Creating a floor frame using particle board, as this will help to keep the walk-in cooler off the floor, preventing the whole of your man cave from feeling chilly. You can also build a ceiling frame in the same dimensions, which  will also help to prevent the problems of coldness seeping into your man cave.

Use electrical wire to attach the framed hole for the A/C unit. Connect this to a plug just above the hole which you have built for the A/C unit. This should be run to your breaker box, in order to ensure the safe use of your cooler. Attach the door to the wall frame, so that you have a room which is virtually airtight. You must then create outside walls in particle board, and adding the top of the ceiling with particle board too. This can be insulated if you are building it on the outside of the board, or it can be insulated between the ceiling or the particle board. Glue insulation using a liquid nail gun, and then add caulking to any gaps in the insulation board.

The floor should be also lined with vinyl flooring, in order to protect the floor of the man cave from spills. Vinyl wall board should then be placed over the insulated board, and glued into place; this gives the appearance of a walk-in cooler and allows the man-cave owner to mop the floor clean of spills.

Finishing Touches

The final stage is to install the A/C unit, and then add caulking around the edges of the unit, ensuring that none of the cool air can escape through cracks in the wall. You can also add a programmable thermostat, which will control how cool the walk-in cooler should be. Set this to around 39 degrees, and allow the cooler to chill before adding meat, any other foods, and the essential beers.

Your man cave will now have a walk-in cooler, which you can use to keep refreshments cool. Good maintenance will keep this cooler running for a long time: keep the floors and walls clean, and make sure not to leave food or food residue laying around in the back of the cooler. Maintenance of the A/C unit can also help to keep the cooler working for a long time.

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