Man Cave DIY: Install an Indoor Putting Green

Installing a putting green in your man cave is easy to accomplish. Begin by planning the space that you have available. Determine how many holes you can include in your putting green. Once you plan for the space available, you can layout your indoor man cave putting green and obtain the materials necessary to install the course.

Types of Design

The design plans can be simple or elaborate, depending on your skills and preferences. You can place a series of store purchased putting greens next to each other. Or, you can spend time in the workshop building wood forms and hills necessary to give your indoor green form. Designing the course is important because it gives you a reference point for the build.

Purchasing the Material and Installing the Putting Green

You can purchase all of the material that you need for your man cave putting green at a sporting goods store or retailer that sells golf equipment. Set a budget for your putting green and purchase the practice green or turf matting that you need to cover your putting green forms. Once you complete the build, test your course out to insure that it meets your needs and you are ready to enjoy your new putting green.