Man Cave: Planning a Bar Sink Installation

Equipping your man cave with a bar sink is a great way to turn a mundane hangout area into an authentic and desirable place to be. Having a liquor cabinet or even a refrigerator stocked with beer in your man cave is one thing, but having a wet bar is something altogether different. Glasses and bar utensils do not then have to be brought in and out of the room, as you can wash them right there. Assuming there is a water line close by, a bar sink can be installed on your own with just a few tools and supplies. 

A Wet Bar Makes the Man Cave

If you already have a bar area in your man cave, a functioning sink turns it into a true wet bar. This makes cleanup a breeze as well as making the operation of your bar that much more efficient. The most important thing you must have to make this possible is a water line running to the room. This can be problematic if your man cave is in a freestanding shed or garage. To install a sink, you have to first run a water line to the cave. If it is in the basement or some other room of the house, it won’t be as difficult getting water to the room. If you have to run a water line to your man cave, this will likely take the most time. After that, installing the sink is relatively easy.

Installing a Sink in Your Man Cave

Once you have arranged plumbing for the room, the first thing to do is to purchase the sink and necessary hardware to install it. A bar sink need not be overly large. A single bowl sink made of stainless steel is ideal. You will need to choose a place to install it as well. If you already have the bar in place, chances are there is already a countertop in which to install the sink. Get the sink and make sure it comes with a template for the proper sized cut. Tools you will need include a jigsaw, adjustable jaw wrench and a screwdriver. The tools required are nothing that your man cave toolbox shouldn’t already have.

Make sure you have the necessary PVC pipe fixtures. PVC is a lot easier to work with than copper because it fits together in segments. Once the hole in the counter is cut, secure the sink in place using the provided hardware. Attach the water lines to the faucet and make sure all connections are secure. The last step is to properly install the trap for the outflow of water. Check all of your seals before you turn on the water valve. Let the water flow and your man cave bar sink is operational.

The perfect addition to an existing man cave bar is a sink. It makes it into a proper bar, ensuring a clean and sanitary bar area. With a sink in place, you can mix drinks with ease and never have to haul all of the glasses, mixers and other implements into the kitchen for washing.