Manicure a Majesty Palm

A majesty palm can be planted indoors or out given the right conditions. When growing palm trees it is suggested that you trim and manicure them to keep them healthy.

To Trim Or Not To Trim

When the fronds on your majesty palm start to turn brown you may initially want to trim the brown off and let it repair itself, unfortunately that can lead to mare damage. When the frond tips are cut off the plant goes to work trying to mend it and other fronds may suffer as a result.

Where to Cut

When you are manicuring or trimming a majesty palm cut the entire problematic frond off. Use pruning shears and cut the frond about two inches from the base. It will be easier for the palm to replace the missing frond then to try and repair several sick fronds.

Make sure that the nutrient levels are accurate and that the palm receive enough but not too much water.