Manual Transfer Switch Wiring Explained Manual Transfer Switch Wiring Explained

A manual transfer switch and a back-up generator can save you during a power outage. The transfer switch can transfer the power from the utilities to the standby generator. A generator can supply power to a limited number of appliances during power failure, so it is essential to decide which circuit will work better during power outage. There are two ways to execute the transfer: manual and automatic. In both the cases, the circuit is same, but a manual transfer switch can operate only when someone is at home.

Operation of Manual Transfer Switch

It is somewhat different to operate a manual transfer switch than an automatic one. A manual switch requires somebody to recognize that the main electricity has failed, go to the generator and transfer the preferred circuit to the generator's power production. It is very simple to operate. When there is a power cut, just start your generator on the transfer switch to start powering your devices by generator power. The main disadvantage of manual transfer switch is that it can not operate by itself like the automatic transfer switch.

Wiring System of Manual Transfer Switch

There are numerous brands of transfer switches, all somewhat different from each other, but in most of them, the basic principle is similar. Here are the steps to follow to install a manual transfer switch.

Firstly, decide at what place you want your transfer switch. It is advised that the transfer switch should be at least 18 inches from the load center. Switch off your main circuit breaker of your load centre. Then remove ¾-inch knockout. Through the knockout, insert the wires from the flex conduit. Tighten the locknut onto the load center so that the wires can suspend freely. Next, place the transfer switch to the wall safely without manipulating the flex conduit.

For wiring the transfer switch to the load center, connect the transfer switch to the circuit breaker. Route the both wires of the transfer switch close to the chosen circuit breaker. Install the red wire of the transfer switch into the circuit breaker, and place the black wire of the transfer switch and the hot wire of the circuit breaker into the load center. Remove 5/8-inch insulation from the black wire of the transfer switch. Insert these wires into a yellow wire connector, twist it tightly and push back the wires to the load center’s wiring compartment.

After following the above steps, replace the load center cover. Excluding the main circuit breaker, turn on the switch of all circuit breakers.  Set all EmerGen switches in the Line position. 

Managing Load

If the generator has no sufficient wattage capacity, then all circuits can not be used at the same time. Manage the loads by trying to eliminate overload conditions.

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