Marble Countertop Prices

Marble countertop prices will vary depending on the type of marble, where the marble originated, the size of your countertop, and of course where you purchase your marble.

Marble Countertop Prices: Installation

There are many factors related to the cost of installation. Different contractors have very different rates so make sure that you get at least three quotes in writing. You should also check to see how long the quotes are valid for so you check out all your options.

It is important to choose a contractor that has experience with marble because it can be damaged very easily. You don’t want to have to repurchase your marble because it became damaged during installation. Get some references!

Marble Countertop Prices: Cost of Materials

The cost of marble varies a great deal so you should take some time to compare different types of marble, different colors, different textures, and certainly different suppliers. All of these variables will reflect on the prices.

Marble countertop prices don’t have to be through the roof. You can save a bundle with a little research and a little patience!