Marble Fireplace Surround Basics Marble Fireplace Surround Basics

Building a marble fireplace surround is one of the most visually appealing changes you can make to your fireplace. Marble is also an excellent material for this purpose because it will remain cool to the touch despite being close to the fireplace and it is extremely durable.

Tips for Building a Marble Fireplace Surround

Do not build a marble fireplace surround directly on drywall if it can be avoided. Marble tiles are relatively heavy. If your fireplace has a drywall frame you can cut this out and use heavy plywood. The marble can be attached to the plywood.

When hanging marble from the wall it is important to use a thin set mortar. Do not use standard tile adhesives. Remember, the marble tiles will have gravity working against them and they are heavy. The thin set will also handle the heat more effectively.

Wait 24 to 36 hours before grouting the new marble tiles in and do not use the fireplace for at least 48 hours after finishing the job.

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