Marble Fireplaces Marble Fireplaces

Marble fireplaces can enhance any room with majestic style and ageless classic beauty.

Marble Fireplaces have many benefits:

  • Marble is virtually water resistant
  • It is capable of withstanding extreme high temperatures
  • Marble is easy to clean and relatively maintenance free
  • Marble is visually exquisite and is always original in color and one-of-a-kind
  • It will last for a lifetime with proper care

Marble Characteristics

Marble is formed from limestone and extreme heat in the earth’s crust. When other minerals such as hematite and limonite are present during the re-crystallization process of marble, they will affect the final products color or coloring pattern. Therefore, explaining the different colors of marble and marble products. Marble is classified into four groups - A, B, C, or D. With A being the best grade because of its durability and quality. There are several different types of marble-calcite, dolomite, serpentine, and travertine. They are all similar in composition but vary in soundness and color.

Marble Fireplace Variations

A typical marble fireplace is Roman, Greek, or French in style. A marble fireplace generally has wide majestic columns that sometimes lead to the ceiling. They are generally considered dramatic and lavish, ornate, stately and grand in visual appeal.

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