Marble Tile Fireplace Cost Estimation

A marble tile fireplace is one of the most elegant designs for a fireplace that there is. Marble tile is not only beautiful but it is also extremely durable and extremely heat resistant.

How Much Will a Marble Tile Fireplace Cost?

A marble tile fireplace is an expensive investment. Marble is one of the most expensive natural stone flooring options. Determining the overall cost depends on several factors.

  • The number of marble tiles which are needed. This will depend on the size of the fireplace and how far out from the fireplace that you want to install the tile.
  • The cut size of the marble tiles. Larger cut size tiles are more expensive but add a smoother finish.
  • The depth of the marble tiles. Thicker tiles are more durable but they cost more.
  • The cost of grout and adhesive. If the marble tile will be installed on the fireplace then a heat resistant adhesive is necessary. The amount needed will depend on the size of the fireplace.